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To protect your privacy, we hide your address, phone number, and contact information from travelers that have not confirmed a reservation with you.

      infos : for security reason, pls do not indicate your number address...
  •   Ex: <code>37N 46\' 29.74
      Ex: <code>122W 25\' 9.89
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question & answer

  • Is it free to list?

    Yes, listing your home or space is free. We collect 20% of each accepted reservation to cover the cost of processing. Guests are charged 100% of the booking fee—s the more you spend, the lower your fee will be. Funds are transferred directly to your bank account.

  • Who will be guided ?
    • Vacationers
    • Business professionals
    • Travelers in town for special events
    • Families looking to experience local culture
    • People exploring a neighborhood before moving there
  • Why should I rent my extra space?
    • To make extra money
    • To meet interesting travelers from around the world
    • To share local knowledge about your city
    • To determine whether hosting is for you
  • What types of spaces can you list?

    We can list virtually any type of space, as long as it provides some level of privacy and a reasonable accommodation for your guest:

    • A house or apartment
    • A spare room or loft
    • A futon or sleeper sofa
    • A novelty property like a tree house, boat, island, or castle
  • How long can travelers stay?

    The length of stay depends on the mutually agreed upon dates set by the guide and travelers. Some common examples include:

    • Overday
    • A weekend
    • A few week days
    • A full week
    • Sublet for a month or two
  • Are guides allowed to decline reservation requests?

    Yes. As a host, you have full control over your listing.